Learning The Art of Gift-Giving

As much as we all love birthday parties and celebrating the existence of our loved ones, none of us likes the painful ordeal of picking and choosing the perfect gift for the occasion. Selecting the right gift can be really stress-inducing, especially for someone who is indecisive, busy, or forgetful. However, in this age of haste and half-hearted gestures, a well-thought and meaningful gift can hold special resonance for your loved ones. But having an affinity for gift-giving isn’t a natural-born instinct; instead, it is learned by practicing and paying proper attention to the behavior and demeanor of those you love.

Age-Appropriate Gifts

When buying gifts, you must always consider the recipient’s age group. A gift should always be age-appropriate because a 40-year-old dad won’t be able to put a toy gun to use; likewise, a 5-year-old wouldn’t know what to do with a bottle of perfume. But, on the other hand, a recipient who’s in their 60s or 70s would always value quality time over any other material gift. Hence buying something like a plane ticket to a place they always wanted to visit (if budget permits) or a spa voucher or a drive to the countryside would be a great way to show your love and respect to them. That way, you are buying them an experience that they will cherish for the days to come.

Making Mental Notes

You don’t have to possess a sharp-witted brain to perform a task as simple and fun as buying gifts for your loved ones. The trick is to pay attention and keep tabs on them whenever they are around, but of course, not in a way that would scare them off. It’s better to pay close attention to the stuff they keep mentioning and bringing up in conversation every now and then, rather than laying hold of what they mentioned recently. Then, when it’s time for their birthday, try to reflect back on the conversation you’ve had with them and look up for potential clues: did they mention a thing, an activity, a pastime hobby they were into? If you are still clueless, you can gather up all the bits and pieces of information you have and talk to a salesperson at a shop to get good gift ideas under your budget.

Practical Gifts

The idea of giving practical gifts is rarely entertained these days by people who are all for symbolic extravagance. But there is something about practical gifts that touches the receiver’s heart in a way no amount of extravagance and adornment could. Coming up with such a gift is a mental exercise because you must think about the last time you saw the recipient. Try to conjure up their body language: did they seem to feel uncomfortable in their shoes? Was their coat a bit frayed and ragged? It’s important to pick up on these subtle cues and come up with something they could make use of, and that would add instant value to their life. The idea behind giving practical gifts is, after all, to give something to someone that they wouldn’t buy for themselves (because they don’t put much thought into it or are forgetful) in the first place but would appreciate if someone gifted it to them.

Writing It All Down

If you view gift-giving as a creative process, it instantly becomes an immensely fun and enjoyable activity. The process itself entails a lot of brainstorming on your part, but it’s all worth it in the end. The trick is to write everything down and leave no stone unturned. If you can only think of a color the recipient likes, write that down. After writing it all down, put it into a cohesive form and begin to short-list items as per your budget and recipient’s level of utility. Try to work around ideas too, to make them easier to execute. For e.g., if the recipient is fascinated with piano and your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a grand piano for them, then maybe you can pay for their piano classes or workshop.

Getting Creative

Birthdays can also serve as a good excuse to show your crafty and sentimental side to your loved ones and offer them something hand-made or heartfelt. This can be your moment to let your creativity shine and put to use your skills to come up with a keepsake for your loved ones. Crocheting is a really creative way to cast amazing pieces and tailor them as per the recipient’s personality. You can also make old-school gift cards and bracelets. Or if you are not under a time constraint, you can contact a wrapping paper manufacturer to make you a customized wrapping sheet printed with something the recipient holds dear. But in the end, liking the gift yourself is as important as getting the recipient’s approval. And if you put your heart into it, the satisfaction would run both ways.

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