Short Analysis of the Bath Towel Industry

Bath towels are one of the quintessential things in a household, yet we turn a blind eye to them and only measure their importance by their use-value. According to one research, many people don’t even wash their bath towels that often and don’t mind sharing them with other people in the household. But this practice has some profound health implications because human beings shed dead skin cells every second of their lives, and when we use a towel, we technically rub off the dead skin cells against that fabric. The wet towel, coupled with the dead cells, becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and molds and can cause various skin diseases if the towel isn’t washed.

Impact of Covid-19 On Demand for Bath Towels

With the advent of covid 19, more and more people have become aware of these facts and have started being mindful of their sanitation and hygiene practices. With increasing awareness, it is expected that the market of bath towels will experience an upsurge in sales in the time to come. Concurrently, the most use of towels comes from hotels and sports industries, and they have also played a major role in fueling the global demand for bath towels. Not to mention the healthcare and spa industry. According to one report published by the global wellness institute, almost 118.8 billion USD was generated by the global spa industry in 2017, with a yearly growth rate of 9.9 percent.

The market for bath towels is divided into many categories, differentiated by fabric, texture, thickness, and quality. The most common types of bath towels used by households include cotton, linen, Turkish cotton, bamboo, and terrycloth. Owing to the rise in demand for sanitary products, both cotton and linen towel exporters surged the supply of bath towels in 2020. Whereas the growing awareness about the importance of hygiene both in urban and rural areas shored up the market growth of the product. Another important reason for this shift in demand is the concern with wastage. Paper towels are non-reusable and cannot be washed or recycled, whereas cloth towels can be washed and used multiple times.

Bath Towel Manufacturers

Today, cotton and linen towels occupy the most significant chunk of the bathing towel market. Cotton is abundant in South Asia, especially in countries like India and China, and they are the leading exporters of cotton to Europe and North America. Whereas linen towels take precedence in most parts of Europe, it is the largest region to produce linen. The textile industries in countries like China and India are thriving today because of governmental support in the form of subsidies and financial aid, and they are expected to grow more rapidly in the years to come.

The global manufacturers of bath towels are working to improve their products with the rise in utilization, and the quality of raw materials has also improved. And leading brands are also working on luxurious and high-end bath towels that are primarily made for commercial use to improve the hotel and spa experience for the consumers.

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